Best Cricket Games with Commentary and DRS

Best Cricket Games with Commentary and DRS

Best Cricket Games with Commentary and DRS Tired of playing old cricket games? Then do not worry about offering a list of cricket games along with DRS and commentary. The best part is that one of the cricket matches has a Hindi commentary. From this list we offer the best cricket games you have ever seen. All of these games have DRS and commentary that you are looking for. Note: We will update this list on a regular basis, so please keep visiting. There are not too many 3D cricket games like FIFA. But we have collected a list of the best games to satisfy you. This list includes games for PC, Android, and iOS devices. Let’s start with the most advanced cricket game for Android.

1. World Cricket Championship 2

This is probably the best cricket game with some special features. Recent updates introduced the Hindi annotations. So Indian users will be more fun now. This feature becomes the first Cricket game with Hindi commentary. In addition, you have the DRS function to reverse the decision of the judge. This function is available only when LBW is displayed. However, we believe that the new version, NextWaveMultimedia, is trying to improve DRS functionality. Read the reviews in WCC 2 to read full features.

2. Don Bradman Cricket 17

The is a multiplatform game, but not for Android devices. It was a solid improvement over the full version. This is a feature-rich cricket game with commentary and some special features. It has a lot of tools like ultra-edge, hotspot, ball tracking, etc. One thing missing from this cricket game is Hindi commentary. When your typing comes out, you can take BARS (Big Ant Review System). The DBS 17’s DRS feature provides all of the features mentioned above. To read the full feature, you should read the reviews of DBC 17. We find these two cricket games with DRS and commentary. There were comments, but there were many non DRS games. Therefore, they do not leave a mark on this list.

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