Prince of Persia games

Prince of Persia games for pc as Prince of Persia Prince of Persia games The Persian street Dastan, the Durank, was adopted by King Sharaman, demonstrating courage in the market. Fifteen years later, Nizam, the brother of Sharaman, was the holy city of Alamut, supplying weapons to the Persian enemies, and with the king’s biological sons, Tus and Garsiv, I received evidence that it would siege and take over. Dastan and his friends open doors to invade themselves into the city and enter the Persians. During the attack, Dastan fights the Alamut Royal Guard and brings a special dagger.

Alamut falls to the Persians, but Princess Tamina denies a village with weapons. Toss asks her to get married and tie the two countries together, and she does not see it until she sees the dagger owned by Dastan. During the celebration, Dastan deceived the apparently poisoned gown, given to him by Tus to Sharaman King, who fatally burned the king. Garsiv denounces Dastan as a murderer, and the prince has to flee with Tamina. Toss is the appointed wage and orders manhunt to Dastan.

While hiding, Tamina tries to kill Dastan, and in the struggle, the prince discovers a dagger and allows that visibility to go back in time. Dustan thinks Tus has invaded Alamut for the sword and decided to meet his brother at the King’s funeral in Avrat. On the way, the two are arrested by merchants led by Sheik Amar. Sheikh Amar tried to take him to Persia with compensation, but he fled. After arriving at Avrat, Dastan wants to convince his uncle Nizam that he is not the cause of his father’s death. The dagger found what Tamina had taken. Instead, he saw a burn in the hands of Nizam. Nizam indicates that he was the one who committed the murder of the king. In addition, Nizam made the ambush for Dastan along the Persian streets, and after a clash with his brother Garsiv, Dastan runs away. Nizam sends a stealthy and seemingly mysterious warrior, Hashanshin, to kill Dastan and find his dagger.

During Prince of Persia a sand storm, Tamina informs Dastan of the origins of the Sands of Time, which allows time travel of the dagger, and acknowledges that the weapon only has enough sand to slow the time by one minute. Dastan realizes that Nizam puts a dagger on an hourglass holding a Sands of Time, and Nizam goes back in time to save Sharaman’s life from the lion as children and not be king of Persia. Tamina says this will cause the hourglass to break down and destroy the world. Two men are caught by Sheikh Amar and Dashtan is using the dagger to save the Amaru’s men from the Hassan god attack and is confident that Sheikh will carry them to the sanctuary near Hindu Kush. The Hindu Kush can be turned into stone by sealing the dagger once. In the sanctuary, they are found by Gastiv. Dastan is convinced of his innocence, but later attacked by Hassansins. Garcia sacrifices himself to save Staine. Tamina falls to Hassan in an unconscious way, and the dagger is stolen.

Dastan’s group Prince of Persia games returns to Alamut and brings the dagger from Nizam to tell Tus the truth. Three Amos right hand Seso returns the dagger to Dastan, and after he dies, the prince shows Tus the power of the weapon to persuade his brother. Then Nizam comes in, kills Tus and brings a dagger. Tamina keeps Dastan from dying and creates an hourglass with two secret underground tunnels. When they arrived in Nizam, he stabbed the sand and threw them both off the cliff. Dastan is holding one arm and holding Tamina and holding another arm. Tamina sacrifices himself for Dastan to stop Nizam. When the two fights and Dastan removed the dagger from the hourglass, the Dastan was reset to the moment it discovered the dagger and all previous incidents did not occur. Dastan finds Tus and Garsiv to expose Nizam’s betrayal. Nizam tries to kill Dastan, but is conquered and killed by Tus.

Tus apologizes to Tamina and proposes to strengthen the bonds of the Prince of Persia games two nations by her marriage Dastan. Dastan returns the dagger to Tamina as an engagement gift and says she is looking forward to the future with her hand in hand.