how to install

How to install games before you begin

Prepare your system: How to install start the installation process, make sure your computer is ready. See also: Preparing for download and installation. Version and Operating System: Instructions apply to both Mac and Windows operating how to install systems for most software versions 2017 and later. For product-specific installation instructions or for earlier version installation instructions, see the product documentation.

Software Activation: Entering the serial number does not activate the software. When you first start the installed software, you may be required to activate the software online by requesting an activation code or manually activate the Games software.

Installation time: Some software takes a long time to download and install. If the process seems to have stopped, you should not wait for the program to close other applications. This message can be hidden occasionally in the main installation window.

Industry Collection Installation: Software and services for industry collections are grouped under the collection name in How to install online as the accounts and must be installed separately. (The suite has a single installer that allows you to choose which products to install.

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Download the installer
The download method you use depends on the product and version.

To download the product installer (PC and Mac):

Find your software in your Game or software click to install & start processing .