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free download Avast 2017  antivirus latest version

free download Avast 2017
Free Download Avast 2017 few months after the last beta version of Avast. A new version was released and contains some important changes. I’m not sure if the build version is still 12 (12.4.2281), but it’s still 2017. As always, you can try new versions for free, including premium free download Avast 2017 Pro Antivirus, Internet Security and Premier products. If you are not interested in the details, you can go directly to the download link.

Avast 2017 changes and new list of functions

In addition to the new design, unfortunately not officially confirmed. What we have noticed so far version is public, but can contain many errors. The safest way to do this is to use a virtual machine device. In the comments below, please tell us how you like it, especially the new user interface. We like it a lot.

free download Avast 2017 additional notes

Avast 2017 must be compatible with all versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
It is still in beta and may have many errors. We recommend that you install it in a virtual machine.
In addition to free download Avast 2017 antivirus, the most popular Windows PC antivirus in the world, Avast offers three other products for PC or laptop protection, such as Pro Antivirus, Internet Security and Premier. All Avast products are fully compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP (32 or 64 bits).
Basically, if you offer online shopping or banking services, we recommend Avast’s best-selling product, Internet Security 2016. It also includes automatic firewall, anti-spam and anti-theft functions for hackers. Comes in a convenient package. There are a lot of four products, so with a simple comparison chart, you can choose the products that fit your needs.
Avast Free Antivirus is a full-featured antivirus that is easy to use for beginners.
Real-time protection eliminates virus infections with multiple protection methods, such as e-mail monitoring, exchange platform protection, instant messaging scanner, and notification service. In addition to the overall sensitivity of the scanner, you can manually set the efficiency of each of these methods and you can eliminate annoying toolbars and add-ons with the built-in browser cleaning tool.
Although you can manually search for viruses in files and folders, we recommend that you configure them to run at least once a week, since automatic boot scans can be more effective.
Avast regularly programs virus databases and receives warnings when software updates are required.

Latest Updates free download Avast 2017

The latest version of free download Avast 2017 antivirus includes a password manager that manages logins and generates new security passwords. It contains browser extensions that help you to verify the security of your existing passwords, store them securely and provide access to your favorite sites. It has also improved the user interface, virus detection and home network security.

Avast also launches 11 free Ransomware decryption tools

Was the nasty ransomware correct? Do not worry. Avast provides a free solution for your data to return to its former state without paying the hackers.
If you are not at the heart of ransomware, it is a type of malware that encrypts all files by default, blocks your computer, and requires serious money (hundreds or thousands of dollars) to unlock your hackers. Yes, it is pure threat. The following is an example of a NoobCrypt ransomware message.
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