EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 For PC Download

EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 For PC Download

EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 For PC Download EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 for PC is the most awaited game for thousands of cricket fans. Download the game directly from here. Many new features have been added to this game. You will be surprised to see these features of this game. Overview and Description EA Sports Cricket The 2017 game was developed by EA Sports and developed by us. This game has many new features. Contains all HQ textures. All stadiums, kits and logos have been updated.

The salient features of this game
Realistic gameplay found in games.
New kits have been assigned to the teams they use.
Real players and stadiums.
Day and night tests match.
New tournaments like IPL, BBL, WC T20.

Texture Overview

This game contains HQ textures that are never found in any version of EA Sports Cricket 2017. Now includes HD kits, stadiums, logos, menus, overlays, faces and more. There will be a new kit for every team, from countries playing small cricket games. The logo is also updated for all teams. In our blog you will find EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 For PC Download. Double the happiness is the HD face of all players. Now all players have their original name and original face. Stadium overview The game features 12 Indian Stadiums, 6 Australia, 2 New Zealand, 1 England, 1 Pakistan, 2 South Africa and 2 UAE Stadiums, providing a user-friendly environment. Now that all stadium conditions have been made available, they can now be used in any situation on the stadium.

EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 Play Overview

The new team in this game

Another new thing about this game is the team. We now have a new international team. I have listed these teams below.

Sri Lanka.
West Indies.
South Africa.
New Zealand.

EA Sports Cricket Match 2017 is an international team to find PCs.

This game includes all your favorite tournaments. It includes ICC World Cup 2015, ICC Champion Trophy 2017, ICC t20 Cricket World Cup, IPL 9, Big Bash League 16-2017, Ram Slam, BPL, Natwest T20 Explosion and more. Gameplay The gameplay has been modified and is now just as it is. Now it’s a little harder to hit the ball and you will not get bored with this game. Now the ball is seamed, swinging, spinning and it is difficult to hit the bowler in the park. Special bowlers like Mitchell Starc, Dale Steyn and Trent Boult have special abilities. This game will give you a real experience.

Cricket Game 2017 Download


Download Size

945.55 MB




New kIits, stadiums, overlays, roster, etc.

Auxiliary device

Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10


1 GB (minimum)

Last Update

February 14, 2017

1. Sweep

Speed shorts that give the player the most points for the offensive batter. This short can be played using the Up + right button, or S for the right-hand hitter.

2. Reverse Sweep

The coolest short. This short was the first time Mike Gatting had played, he was released. And it was described as one of the most expensive fragments of all time. EA Sports Cricket 17 In PC game you can play this hotkey up by using the + right button and then pressing S on the right hand hitter. To do this short to right handed hitter, press the left button instead of the right button.

3. Hook and pull

This shot is the most efficient shot against a short ball, hitting it with the back foot. To play this short article in the game, make a right-hand hitter by hitting the right + hit and W to play.

4. Cover drive and square drive also lofted

He is one of the most beautiful short players in the cricket arena and one of my favorite players. To short press this, press Left + Down, press the right button and press the S button. To play this short loft or air, press the shirt before pressing the S button.

5. Straight drive loft and ground

No power is needed, but just push it forward. To use this shorts in the game, press down and then press the S button. To play a lofted shot, press and hold the S button while moving.

6. Paddle sweep

To play the paddle sweep, press Right + Up and then press S for the right-hand hitter.

7. Rear cover drive

It was a very elegant shot and played on the back foot. To play this short in the game, press + to the left for the right hand batter and then press W. To make this short for a southpaw hitter, press the right arrow instead of the right.

EA Sports Cricket 2017 Game Overview

This game will consist of all new stadiums, tournaments, kits, balls, logos, menus, cameras, gameplay, referees and updated rosters. This game has a new stadium for all teams. New Indian arenas including Chinnaswamy, Mohali PCA Stadium, Bangalore, Rajkot, Kolkata and Hyderabad are included. Now there are two UAE stadiums, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. My favorite stadium, the Australian stadium. Newly updated Melbourne, Sydney, Docklands, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. The stadiums in New Zealand and South Africa have been updated, and Wellington, Auckland, Johannesburg and Cape Town Stadiums have been updated.

Types of tournaments you can play

You can now play friendly matches limited to 5,10,20,50 overheads and have a test match for 4-5 days. In the EA Sports Cricket 2017 game, you can choose the weather, pitch type, and difficulty level. The following are major ICC events. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, ICC t20 World Cup and ICC Champion Trophy 2017. After that, go to the domestic circuit where you can find tournaments such as IPL, BBL and CPL. This includes IPL Season 9, BBL 16-2017, and a new CPL with new players and schedules. After this, you will find another big tournament, The Ashes. ASHES tournaments are scheduled for the real world and there is no difference between actual and actual in EA Cricket 2017 game downloads.

IPL Overview

This game includes all eight of the original IPL teams. Logos and kits are also updated. This game offers a completely new look. There is now a new IPL stadium listed above. You must follow the given steps to play. Select Game> Tournament> Now Domestic> IPL> Match Now select all team members and enjoy IPL.

Player overview

My favorite thing about this game is the player. There are now new players like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Anglo Mathews, Joe Root, Steven Smith, Jason Roy, David Miller, Faf du Plessis, Mohammad Shahzad, Mohammad Nabi, Andre Russel and Sunil Narine. Virat Kohli is a classic and aggressive playing machine that runs like a real machine. He will be a consistent and mature bat and he is considered one of the best players of the modern era. Now comes the mysterious spinner, Sunil Narine. He is too accurate in this game and is now included in this game. He builds various balls such as carrom, straight one, doosra, leg-spinner, googly, and so on. Now it’s a small cricket team coming to Afghanistan. The team won only one match with a qualified team at the ICC t20 World Cup, but it captivates millions of fans around the world. The player, Mohammad Shahzad, was a huge success in the T20 and ODI formats. He can destroy all bowling lines in all countries. He is also included in this game. There are many new features in this game that you have not seen in all versions of the EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 For PC Download. We have a big craze for crickets, and we do not let it down. There are totally new gameplay or many other new things. To download the EA Sports Cricket 2017 game, you will need the following requirements: You do not need a password to remove your password. Users will be pleased when they play this game. Download and install the cricket game for PC today.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 patch is available for free download.

Open the .rar file using WinRAR or 7zip.
Extract from anywhere.
Then open the settings.
Please install this game as a regular game.
Now download a small file called Overlay Pack from the link below.
Download Overlay Pack

Now download this overlay pack and unzip it. Copy all the files in the Overlay Pack folder and paste them into the game’s root folder. Yes, you can finish the game and play EA Sports Cricket Like us on Facebook for regular updates before downloading this game.

Notes for Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 users

If you would like to use the EA Sports Cricket 2017 game for PC on your Windows 8 then just follow some below. Right-click Cricket 17.EXE, right-click and select Properties. Now click the Compatibility tab on that menu  Click the “Change settings for all users” button.

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