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Download direct link of latest version 6.0.1 of Google Account Manager apk free which is for Android mobile as the main operating system for smartphones 2019. A decided to configure Android as an open source.

As a result, many developers and manufacturers can explore and extend Android extensively. However, smartphone users can use Google Apps as the default platform to support this system. So you can find the latest APK 6.0.1 (23) from your Google Account Manager.

Download Google Account Manager apk

Free Android Apps Mania download  as you know, there are several versions of Android, so it is ready to support all versions on your smartphone. The main objective of Google app Account Manager APK is to manage your Google account, so you can access most of the features and applications of your smartphone. The unique Google account is very useful to support everything on your Android device.

How to use the Google Account Manager application

Your Android smartphone uses a Google account for authentication. To function properly, you must create an account that allows users to access all functions. Your Google Account Manager for Android manages your account to access most Google features.

After opening this application, type your password and Gmail to verify it, then choose how you want to see it. Normally, it uses a single account for a smartphone, but the application offers options for additional accounts. After adding another account with a password, you can choose how you want to verify it. This application will synchronize all the accounts you use as an operating system on your Android smartphone.

About Google Account Manager file

  • Developer : Google LLC
  • Version: 6.0.1 (23)
  • File size: 7.9 MB
  • Loaded: October 16, 2017, 10:59 GMT + 07
  • Requirements: Android 6.0
  • MD5: 80c7f4e70b00d582aea072ea497b2539
  • SHA1: 2897bd5fbe06d8655d9e859622327027f8608202

Review Google Account Manager APK

You need to know what makes this application different from your Google administrator. With this application, you can manage your account and synchronize it with your smartphone. On the contrary, administrators are applications that access paid versions of cloud services. Acts as administrator to control and manage other users while working on the same system in the cloud.

Administrators have many rights to keep the system balanced and avoid unwanted situations. Administrators are completely different from Google accounts. Sometimes users have more than one Google Account Manager APK download for free, depending on their purpose. Use an account for personal and private work. We also have an account for business and businesses.

Other accounts are for specific requirements or urgent problems. As you have many accounts in your hand, it will be difficult to manage them without this Account Manager application. Imagine that you need to open Gmail from another account at the same time. A major problem is that you can not remember all your passwords.

You can use your phone number to verify it. The administration of the account is the main objective of this application. When you use your Android smartphone for the first time, also check out Best Idle Games For Android 2018 you must meet some requirements. This account manager provides several forms, such as an email account, a phone number, and a password. Others are questions about synchronization and verification.

We have released several versions of Android. You should check the compatibility between your Google Account Manager APK and Android. This application may not work properly after updating the operating system. The biggest problem is that you lose all the accounts you need to start from scratch. As long as you do not use the same phone number in your account, you can restore it to normal without worrying about it.


You can manage more accounts. It provides a level of security. Disadvantages Must conform to the latest version of Android.

Previous versions of Google Account Manager

updated: October 16, 2017
updated: October 12, 2017

Download Google Account Manager APK 7.9 MB

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