How to Download App Store Apps for Free

How to Download App Store Apps for Free
There are thousands of apps available for free legally for iPhone, iPad, and iPod users. These apps may be completely free, or they may be trials, demos, or lite versions of full paid products. Taking advantage of free apps can save you a lot of money in the long run, and they can be downloaded directly from the App Store. But what if you live in an area that doesn’t have access to Apple’s App Store? You may be wondering how to download many of the popular apps for your iOS device. One way to get around this restriction is to jailbreak your device and use a third-party app installation program.
Jailbreak your device. In order to use AppCake, your iDevice needs to be jailbroken. The method varies from version to version, but all jailbreaks should install Cydia, which is a program used to install jailbroken apps onto your device.
Install AppSync. In order for apps downloaded from AppCake to install, you first need to install AppSync. This program will configure apps downloaded from AppCake so that they work on your device. Open Cydia and and tap Manage. Select Sources and press the Edit button. Tap Add.
Enter a repo that contains AppSync. One such repo is
Select the newly added repo and look for the AppSync package. Press Install and then Confirm. When the installation is complete, tap the Restart SpringBoard button. iOS 5.x users should download AppSync 5.0+
Install AppCake. AppCake lets you browse cracked apps that other users have cracked and uploaded. You can then download these directly to your device.
Open Cydia and and tap Manage. Select Sources and press the Edit button. Tap Add.
Enter the AppCake repo, Select the new AppCake repo and download the AppCake application. Install it and restart SpringBoard.
Launch AppCake. You can browse through categories of apps that are available for free download. Tap the app that you want, and then tap the Download button. This will open a list of sources to download from.
If you prefer to purchase the app, tap the Store button to open the App Store page for that app. Find a source to download from. AppCake does not host any files on their own servers. Instead, cracked apps are uploaded by users to file storage services online. When you select an app, you will be given a list of these uploaded apps. Oftentimes, sources will no longer be available when you select them. Try other sources until you find one that works.

The version number of the app is listed below the source.

The nickname of the person who cracked the app is listed under the source as well, if the name is known. Download the file. Once you’ve found a source, a webpage will open for the file hosting service. Follow the on-screen instructions for the particular download source you’ve chosen.Install the app. Click the Download tab of AppCake once you have started to download the app. Once the download is finished, an Install button will appear next to the app listing. Tap the button and the App will be added to your Home screen after it is installed.

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