How to Download Music from YouTube Simple Three Ways

way to download music from YouTube Simple Three Ways make you easy to download

How to Download Music from YouTube Simple Three Ways

Open a YouTube video and copy the URL. Open a new tab and visit the Youtube converter site. Locate the converter field, paste the copied URL, and click the “Download” or “Convert” button. Click the Download link for the MP3 file to play it, then transfer it to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
First way to download music from YouTube edit using the down-loader website. In your web browser, open the YouTube video you want to download. You can convert all YouTube videos to MP3 files using a special website to convert videos. You can do this from music videos, songs or other types of videos.
 Copy the full address of the video. Highlight the address in the browser bar, right-click the selection, and click “Copy.”
If you’re using an Android device, tap the Share button below the video, then tap “Copy link.”
Visit the Youtube Converter site on the new browser tab. There are several sites that convert YouTube videos to MP3 and then provide download links. The most popular sites are:
Paste the copied URL into an empty field in the converter field. Whichever website you choose, there is an empty text field in the center. Paste the copied YouTube address into this field.
Right-click on the space and select “Paste” or press Ctrl / ⌘ Command + V. If you’re using Android, touch and hold an empty field and select “Paste” from the menu that appears. Click the “Download” or “Convert” button. The video conversion process will begin. Some sites may take longer than others to process the file. Click the download link for the MP3 file. If you are using, you will see a list of links to various formats. Click the “Download MP3” link to download the MP3 file. If you use or, the download button or link that appears after the conversion downloads the MP3 file. Play the downloaded file. MP3 files are downloaded to the download folder. You can open the folder in the media player or move it to the music folder. Transfer the downloaded file to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. If you have an iOS device, you can use iTunes to copy the downloaded MP3 file to your device. For more information, see Add music to iPhone.
Drag MP3 files to your iTunes library and add them to your iTunes library.
Connect your iOS device to your computer via USB. It will appear in iTunes after a while.
Select a new MP3 file in iTunes and start dragging. Your iOS device appears in the sidebar on the left. Place the MP3 file on your iOS device. It will be copied to your device and you can find it in your music app.

Second way to download music from YouTube  use Firefox extensions.

Open the Firefox browser on your computer. You can install add-ons and extensions on the desktop version of Firefox. You can use an extension to download YouTube videos as MP3 files. If you do not have Firefox, download it for free or try another method in this article. Open your browser’s Add-ons menu. Firefox has a “market” for various extensions that you can install. In the address field, type about: addons. If you have not already done so, click the “Import add-ons” tab. 

Third way to download music from YouTube search for “simple youtube to mp3”. This is a simple YouTube to MP3 / MP4 converter and can be found down. This extension is free and provides links to MP3 files. Install the extension. If you find it in the search results, you can quickly install it in your browser. Click the “Install” button next to Simple YouTube to MP3 / MP4 Converter and Downloader. Open the YouTube video to convert to MP3. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can download YouTube videos as MP3 files. In your browser, open the video you want to convert.
If the video to download as MP3 is already open, refresh the page to display the Download button. Click the new “Download” button below the video. This icon is next to it. Clicking this button will open a new tab in your browser. When you click the “HQ MP3” link, it appears on the right side of the page. If you select “Save file”, you can open the Downloads folder and download the files to the Downloads folder by default to find them. 
You can also click the Download button on the Firefox toolbar and click the folder button next to the download. Playing a file If you double-click an MP3 file to open it in the default media player, its name is the same as the video title. Transfer the file to your iOS device. MP3 if using an iOS device.
Open iTunes on your computer and drag new files to the window to add them to iTunes. After connecting the device via USB cable, it will appear in iTunes after a while. Drag new files from your iTunes library to the device displayed on your iPod.

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