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Free download Microsoft PowerPoint APK Iso too the latest version 16.0.8827.2054 you may have heard that Microsoft Office, like Word and Excel, is available on Android.

Download the latest version of the Microsoft PowerPoint APK

So, how is it going with PowerPoint? Like Word and Excel, it was a routine part of the school or workplace that was needed primarily for presentations. What happens if I do not edit or edit with my laptop? That’s why there is the latest APK 16¬† from PowerPoint¬†Microsoft Outlook APK Download Latest Version.

About Microsoft PowerPoint APK File

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  • Change Log
  • Previous Version [19659008] Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Version: 16.0.8827.2054 (2001448973)
  • File size: 62.5 MB
  • Added: December 28, 2017 at 09:42 AM GMT + 07
  • Prerequisite: Android 4.4+
  • MD5: c2227cc867dcc5744ffe38b70b5036a5
  • SHA1: 368f4c4e36b9035a50ad1cd6e4da43dbd3d9f6b1

Review Microsoft PowerPoint Application

Yes, this is the correct application to import a MS Microsoft PowerPoint APK to your Android device. Can I usually create, read or edit files in this application on my PC? With this application, you can now do anything on Android. Of course, you can move PowerPoint files from your PC to Android.

The benefit of this application is that it supports files even if you need to move them to another device. This compatibility means that you can do PowerPoint work on Android as on a PC.

Compatibility is not the only thing in which the application is good. Of course, you can make PC files compatible with Android, but you will not change them in a way that changes the format and the data itself.

Download Coloring book for me and Mandala APK Download latest version 2.3 [19659024] This application is famous for its accuracy and precision. The application is provided in the same way as a PC and can access files like a PC. get together? That’s why when you do not have a laptop, this application may be the best alternative on your PC.

As you know that you can work on Android as if you were on a PC, you can not say that your application does not have any problems. If so, there should be disadvantages. It is important to remember that there is no perfect application. We will list the pros and cons below.


Complete complete function Send and receive files Convenient and easy to use Useful when you do not have a laptop nearby.

How to use the Microsoft PowerPoint application

First, you must enable the application yourself. Once installed and open, Microsoft PowerPoint APK is not easy to use. You must log in first. If you do not want to sign in, use your Microsoft account. Then, you can enjoy all the functions offered by Microsoft PowerPoint for Android. Then you need to know that the rest is the same as on your computer.

Change record

  1. We update our applications regularly. It includes new features and improved speed and stability.

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