How to Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 Keyboard Controls Guide

How to Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 Keyboard Controls Guide Update

How to Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 Keyboard guide with your PC keyboard update Do you want to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 14 on your PC with the keyboard, Play Don Bradman keyboard controls guide game play controller? However, I want to play with the classic control. So do not worry!

Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 Keyboard Controls

In this article, I’ll show you the exact way to use DBC 14 with controls. Don Bradman Cricket 14 helped the company after launching the game as a new multi-platform cricket game. Unlike EA Cricket 2007 or Ashes Cricket 2009, you need a gameplay controller. However, it is difficult for someone like me to play with the controller as a fan of standard keyboard control. You should prefer to play the keyboard with Don Bradman Cricket 14. Therefore, to investigate the problem, DBC 14 can be played using a keyboard.

Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 Keyboard Controls

Note: This trick worked for me. But I do not know if it works for you or for you. That’s because it depends on your PC and hardware. Let’s start with the point. If you do not read this guide carefully, please read it carefully. To play Don Bradman Cricket 14 using the keyboard controls, follow the simple instructions below. First, you need x360ce and VJoy to map the keyboard to the game. You can download it from the following link. Both of these software are included in the archive and need to be unpacked. You can use WinRAR or 7Zip for this purpose.

Now extract VJoy & x360ce from that archive and run Copy that file and paste all the files in ‘x360ce_Don Bradman Cricket 14’ into the root folder of the game or where you installed the game. You should now run VJoy and click the “Open INI” icon. In the VJoy folder where you extracted VJoy, select or click “cricket14.ini”. Now just click “Enable”. Open the DBC17 installation folder and select “XinputTest.exe”. It should be marked as connected. Then minimize the “XinputTest.exe” application. If you do not do this, do not quit the game because you can not use this game with your keyboard.

How to Play Don Bradman Cricket 14 Keyboard Controls Guide

You can start the game by opening the “x360ce.exe” application in the folder and minimizing the window. However, if the XInput test shows Unconnected, you must follow these steps: Now, go to the C: WindowsSystem32 folder and copy “dinput8.dll” from that folder. Then paste it into the root directory of the game where you installed x360. Replace the file with the copied file in the Windows folder. Note: If you still have an error, you can post it in the comment. However, if it still does not work, it means that the PC can not handle this. Then the only way to use the DBC is to buy a new controller.

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