Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament Download free

The legendary 2: 2 Playstation 2 fighting game, Tekken Tag Tournament, is available on PCs thanks to the magic of the MAME emulator. With the MAME emulator, you can experience legendary battles on any computer.

The best thing about this version is that it only uses 65MB of memory. Unzip to one of the folders on your hard disk and double-click the MAME executable file to start playback. It’s as simple as that.

Once this is done, you will have access to the classic cast of franchises such as Eddy, Jin Kazama, Lei, Paula, Heihachi, Xiaoyu, Brian and the company. Because they all have distinctive movements, those who have previously franchised will know how to control them.

The graphics of this Tekken Tag Tournament are somewhat inferior to the PlayStation 2 version we all remember. In fact, the graphics are similar to Playstation 3’s Tekken 3. Nevertheless, the game is still amazing.

Tekken Tag Tournament is a fun game that you can enjoy alone or with your friends due to the great mode. This is definitely not the best version of Tekken Tag Tournament, but it is one of the most accessible.

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