VIVO IPL 10 2017 Patch For Cricket 07

VIVO IPL 10 2017 Patch For Cricket 07

VIVO IPL 10 2017 Patch For Cricket 0 7 Are you looking for the VIVO IPL 10 patch for Cricket 07 and are you in the right place? You can download the EA Cricket 07 patch for a completely new look. This is our headquarters patch and looks great on IPL PC games. Download this patch to get a nice texture. This Vivo 2017 IPL 10 patch includes new overlays, logos, kits, teams, fixtures, gfx sets, led stumps and bails. We handle everything you want. Therefore, we will post this patch in a small part for those who can not download the patches slowly or with a slow connection. Update: This patch will be released on May 25, 2017. So press Ctrl + D on your keyboard to bookmark it. This IPL 10 patch for Cricket 07 allows you to see the actual cricket tactics your players are using and to place them on the spot more accurately and quickly.

How to install this VIVO IPL 10 (2017) patch?

To download and use this patch on your PC, follow the steps below. First install a new copy of EA Cricket 2007. If you do, you do not need to download it again. Then VIVO IPL 10 2017 Patch For Cricket .EXE from the link given. Unzip to all default cricket 2007 folders.  Download the AC256 HD bat pack now. If you already use this feature, you do not need to download it again. Failure to follow these steps may result in errors. Now download the new IPL 10 roster file and paste it into the cricket 2007 document file directory.

VIVO IPL 10 2017 Play overview

Patch Release

Note: We are currently working on this patch. But if you want a full patch, please wait until we release it. However, you can download the HQ logo pack here. Download the logo patch. You have now completed all the work. Enjoy the HQ cricket gaming experience on your PC with the new VIVO IPL 10 patch.
screenshot :

Features of this patch:

1. Every player has his first face like a real face.
2. All players use the original bats that they actually use.
3. They will be more accurate and bat, ball and field.
4. The list is brand new and all players have their original names along with their original T-shirt numbers.
5. The lighting fixtures are genuine, so they will play the same as in real life.
6. There will be a new kit for all participants of the tournament.
7. The overlay is new.
8. The logo that all teams allow is HD.
9. LED Stump and Ball come out in every game.
10. Judgment is also new.
11. The stadium texture is HD and gives a great experience.
12. The green outfield is like the real thing.

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