World Cricket Championship 2 Review

World Cricket Championship 2 Review free download Wcc 2 pc apk Android psp pas4 All new cricket games for Android that you can download for free from the Google Play Store. Although it has a lot of new features, you need to unlock them by winning the tournament.

Review World Cricket Championship 2

So we posted the wcc 2 review to solve the problem. You can then play all the tournaments without unlocking them. We’ve completed the review of WCC2 below and you can read all specifications below. In addition to this mode there are other modes such as Friends, Missions, All teams have been updated with new kits, rosters, and more. However, since it is not a licensed game, the player’s name is unique.

DRS system of wcc 2

compare World Cricket Championship 2 Review vs Don Bradman Cricket 17 is the only second game after introducing the DRS system in this cricket game. However, you can only receive DRS when you leave the LBW or when the LBW walks. It takes only 10 seconds to decide whether or not to get a review. In most cases, reviews of fast bowlers were not successful. However, if you get a review when spin spinning boots. Opportunity for success is further on the spinning track. Therefore, it is advisable for the spin bowling player to review when bowling.

Features Tournament World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 APK free download WCC2 is an Android cricket game that can be used on many platforms, such as Windows Phone, iOS. It’s probably the most advanced cricket game for Android with unique features. Its unique feature is that you must have a game. You can play in various modes such as Practice Mode, Quick Play Mode, Blitz Tournament, ODI Series, Indian National Premier League and World Cup Cricket Mode, World T20 Cup etc. But the good thing is that there is a built-in editor that lets you edit everything in the player’s abilities. You can edit his jersey, stats, skills, and more.

WCC 2 game play betting, Bowling & Defensive

Review all the items in this game from the reviews of World Cricket Championship 2 awesome game Reviewed by many people. New features have been added as we move to gameplay. Baller’s artificial intelligence allows you to bow more accurately at different pitches, deformations and speeds. You can also observe this by starting a shot in one direction only. A.I of the WCC2 CPU Field Rider begins to change the field set according to the player’s abilities. Like bowlers, Fielders and hitters have new abilities. The batter’s A.I will guide you to attack the big six. It is difficult to align the perimeter, but the CPU can quickly erase the rope. The field of defense has been greatly improved. Now there will be more diving catches, direct hits, more accurate casts, diving defenses and more. You can now set the manual field layout. So, it will help you to bowl according to your field settings. You can make your own defense plans and bowls according to them.

Game play World Cricket Championship 2

Player Properties

This is a special feature that automatically changes the player properties. Use this feature in World Cricket Championship 2 to improve your player’s bowling and hitting skills. This is an automated function that improves your player skills according to his performance in the match.

Player customization  World Cricket Championship 2 pc update

World Cricket Championship 2  free download offers five tools for customizing your player. You can change player’s uniform, uniform pattern, pattern color, accessories and player’s skin. You can change the color of the jersey you want. There is a color box where you can specify the color you want for the player’s jersey. If you do not like the pattern of team uniforms. So do not worry! Click the Pattern button and choose from 8 different patterns on your team. You can also change the colors of patterns and accessories.

Bonus: You can also change the player’s skin. Eight skin tones are available. Graphics – Camera, Animation The Next Wave Multimedia developers have worked hard to add more than 105 motion-captured animations to create high-quality graphics.  Player customization  World Cricket Championship 2 game also for android & pc update has high quality stadiums and player graphics. The camera offers two angles for playing. Along with these, you can see the game behind the batter, bowler and camera mode. Compared to ICC Pro Cricket 2015, bowling behavior is poor, but other graphics are okay.

Controls – Classic, Pro

This includes two types of controls. Pro and Classic controls enhance the gaming experience. Classic controls are generally easy to use. However, the Pro control is slightly different. With Pro Controls, you can play all the directions you want to play. To play as a pro, you have to place your right finger in the direction you want to shoot. If you want a loft shot, swipe your finger up. And when you lower the floor, your fingers move down. Get better timing to get the most out of your shots. If you want to move your batters, you can put your fingers in the middle and swipe left or right to move your batters. When playing with the classic controls, you must play your finger in the desired direction. If you want to do a loft shot, there is a loft button on the right. Click the button and play the shot.

Commentary – Hindi, English Player customization World Cricket Championship 2

In a recent update, World Cricket Championship has two versions of the commentary. Now the game has Hindi and English commentary. This makes it the first cricket game with Hindi commentary. NextWave Multimedia took this step because of the huge demand in India and Pakistan.

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